IIC's Philosophy and Work Culture

At IIC India, we value all our stakeholders, namely the shareholders, customers, business partners and the employees. We believe that the only way an enterprise could succeed is by making each and every stakeholder satisfied and that the need to ensure such satisfaction should be honest and genuine.

This philosophy of IIC India gives our employees pride of place, not only because they are stakeholders too who need to be satisfied, but also because it is they who ensure satisfaction of all the other stakeholders.

We see organizational growth as something that goes hand-in-hand with the career and personal growth of our employees. We see employees as an IIC India family and our sincere goodwill extends to the families of our employees as well. IIC India is an equal opportunity employer and provides an enjoyable work environment.

We would be pleased to hear from you, if you are talented and skilled in one or more business or technical disciplines pertinent to our solutions domain, possess an analytical mind along with excellent communication skills, thrive in a challenging environment, value teamwork and most importantly believe in your ability to grow with us. You may get in touch with us through career@iicindia.com.

The dynamic growth of IIC India creates opportunities for business and / or technical professionals frequently, and we invite you to check this space often to be updated on career openings available with us. We also encourage you to get in touch with our HR Team to learn about opportunities, even if it is not in response to a specific opening published on our Careers page.