IIC India offers customized solutions to cater to the needs of diverse industry verticals including manufacturing, services and government. We understand that in large scale solutions there is a very high percentage of unique requirements in almost every project we undertake and therefore custom built solutions are far more appropriate and effective than pre-packaged solutions in such instances. Our multi-disciplinary team of business and ICT professionals armed with their business domain knowledge and cutting edge technological expertise work closely with clients in understanding their needs, business drivers and pain points and building customized solutions for them.

At IIC India we believe that you know your business best. Our role is to help you identify and define the ICT solution that best suits your business processes, followed by developing, deploying, implementing and supporting the solution thus defined.

The value proposition we offer you is highly focused and streamlined business processes which would help you deliver quantifiable benefits to every party in your value chain, including yourselves. This would provide you an appreciable strategic advantage over your competition. We look to build mutually rewarding long term business relationships with our clients, as opposed to making one-time sales. Therefore our clients benefit from dependable and reliable solutions adhering to relatively high standards.