Healthcare continues to be one of the most vital services industries. Today, with population growth, increased life expectancy and a higher state of health awareness amongst people, the demand for healthcare services has increased significantly.

Due to this, the healthcare industry has grown not only in terms of the volume of service but also in terms of complexity with many public and private sector entities playing different roles in the provision of services, regulatory aspects, support services, insurance cover etc.

In this new environment, Governments face challenges related to regulating the industry in order to ensure conformity to standards, provision of public health services, price control etc.

Private sector player s face challenges related to meeting the demands of highly aware and enlightened healthcare seekers, regulatory compliance, staying profitable in the face of stiff competition and regulatory / price control pressures, patient record management etc.

IIC India‘s professionals who are equipped with an in depth knowledge of this industry work with governmental and private sector organizations to identify their requirements, and work with our internal technology and delivery teams to build and implement ICT solutions which empower the processes of such institutions.