Information Technology

Growth in terms or volume and complexity in operations is evident in every industry / sector such as banking & finance, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing etc., today. This has created not only opportunities but intense challenges for another industry which serves all these sectors, namely the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

While some organizations in various industrial sectors continue to make capital investments to procure their own ICT resources, others prefer to use ICT as a service obtained from an external party on operational expenditure basis. Some organizations use a mix of these two approaches.

In another trend seen in recent years, most businesses tend to outsource some processes - which generally happen to be very much ICT dependent. A typical example of this trend is call centres which handle customer facing for their client organisations. Such services providers are mostly from the ICT industry due to the very high ICT-driven nature of such services.

In this environment, there is an unprecedented demand on ICT companies which may not possess all the resources or capabilities necessary to provide the required products or services. Such companies cannot economically justify maintaining internal teams to address each and every aspect.

IIC India is ideally positioned to provide additional expertise required by such ICT companies, on a business model that is mutually beneficial and does not compromise on the strategic advantage of the client organisation; on the contrary such ICT companies gain a competitive advantage by being able to meet a wide range of requirements of their clients.


  • Project execution and application development on Microsoft, Java and CMS technologies
  • Enterprise application development, implementation, enhancement services
  • IT managed services
  • Website development
  • Offshore-Onsite delivery service model
  • IT staffing
  • Call centre and BPO services