The manufacturing industry faces many challenges today in the face of changing trends around the world. These trends pose new demands while the traditional challenges remain.

Availability of material at the right price and the right time, costs of services (e.g., transportation, freight), labour costs, the need for shorter lead-times and turnaround times, stringent quality standards, managing of outsourced services, staying profitable while retaining market share in a fiercely competitive marketplace are typical challenges in this industry.

The business parameters to be managed I this sector are numerous and interconnected and they call for highly sophisticated ICT solutions. Building such ICT solutions calls for not only technical expertise but also strong business domain knowledge; one without the other will not deliver results. This is where IIC India steps in, with strong internal teams possessing not only business domain knowledge and technological expertise, but also far-reaching experience in building solutions in many sectors of the manufacturing industry.


  • Legacy systems maintenance / migration
  • RFID integration
  • Business Process Consulting


Industry solutions:

  • Microsoft Axapta solution