Mobile & Wireless

This is an industry which has seen unprecedented change in recent years and this trend is only increasing. Innovation in terms of offerings made possible by vast strides in technological advancement, intense competition amongst multiple players to win and retain customer share and the challenge of maintaining growth and profitability without compromising on customer satisfaction are hallmarks of this industry.

With the high sophistication not only in the technology available to this industry but also in customer expectations which are driven by their increased awareness, telecommunication companies are also forced to make high investments in network and other supporting infrastructure.

Innovative and multiple offerings made by telecommunication companies to their customers in order to stay competitive also results in complex customer billing requirements.

These challenges faced by telecommunication industry customers necessitate sophisticated ICT solutions to support their business processes.

IIC India‘s team of telecommunication industry experts possess in depth business domain knowledge and experience. They work closely with our customers in this sector to identify their requirements and then liaise with our technology and delivery teams to build and implement solutions that offer the client organizations a clear strategic advantage over the competition.


  • Mobile application development and testing
  • Support and maintenance of mobile applications


Industry solutions:

  • mSuite