Employees are considered the most important asset of modern day organizations. The steady increase in the importance placed on employees over the past two decades is evident in the terminology used to refer to them. Initially they were referred to as merely employees or personnel and this gave way to human resources, with the realization of the importance of this asset. A term which is used widely today aptly demonstrates the importance and the criticality of this most important asset: Human Capital.

At IIC India, we recognize and respect this importance of Human Capital to an organization. We believe that everything else in an organization is driven by its employees and that the processes to manage this resource efficiently and effectively - not only to make the best use of same but also to ensure employee satisfaction – are as important as any other core processes of that organization. The IIC Payroll Management System has been built in this context, to equip an organization with the tools required to manage Human Capital efficiently and effectively. Our offering includes not only the IIC Payroll Management Software suite but also the services required to implement a solution based on this product for your organization. This solution has been built drawing on the extensive Human Capital management expertise and the technological capabilities of our team of professionals.


The IIC Payroll Management System helps you manage the payroll processes of your organization, meeting all internal and statutory requirements. In addition, it also enables management of employee and career information by providing an efficient Human Resources Database.

The IIC Payroll Management System is highly configurable and user-friendly, allowing you to define your organization and its payroll related rules precisely. This enables complete automation of your payroll processes, reducing manual intervention to a minimum, not only increasing the level of accuracy but also releasing valuable executive time for actual management of your Human Capital.

Another key benefit of the IIC Payroll Management System is its ability to be easily integrated with recognized Financial Accounting suites such as Microsoft Dynamics Axapta. It also provides methods for transferring accounting entries to any Financial Accounting suite which is capable of accepting data transfers from other relevant sources such as Payroll systems. A related benefit of the IIC Payroll Management System is its ability to accept data from sources such as text files and MS Excel sheets, helping Payroll staff to cut down on data processing time while increasing accuracy.

The IIC Payroll Management System can be integrated with other related third-party systems such as Time & Attendance systems which are based on access card and / or finger scanning technologies.

This application suite provides an extensive set of reports that address standard internal and statutory requirements.

Web-based accessibility of the IIC Payroll Management System facilitates easy deployment of same in an organization that is spread out geographically. The IIC Payroll Management System’s design enables easy customization to meet specific requirements of an organization, not only in reporting and inquires but also in processes.

Secure and reliable security measures round up the extensive features and capabilities of the IIC Payroll Management System. These security features include functionality to define and control user access rights in terms of inputting data, running processes and accessing information.

Salient Features

The following are the salient features of the IIC Payroll Management System. Please contact us for a complete description of features and capabilities of this solution.

  • Enables defining of your organization in terms of individual companies, divisions, departments etc.
  • Provides for defining of your organizations rules related to earnings, deductions and employee benefits such as overtime payments
  • Provides for automation of all payroll related processes.
  • Caters to all internal and statutory record keeping and reporting requirements.
  • Enables maintenance of an employee database with personal and career details.
  • Built-in security features enable control of data entry, processing and access of information
  • A web-based user interface enables easy deployment, even in organizations which are spread geographically
  • Designed for easy integration with relevant third-party applications such as Financial Accounting suites and access card / finger-scanning driven Time & Attendance systems
  • Ease of customization allows building of an IIC Payroll Management solution that would meet the specific requirements of an organization precisely.

Further Information

Our Payroll Solutions team would be glad to listen to you and answer your specific questions. We would also be pleased to make a detailed solution presentation and / or a demonstration to you, if required.

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