Managed (IT) Services

A challenge faced by most companies today is the high cost of technology and expertise they need to run their business processes. They are called upon to make investment decisions between core business assets and those assets (such as IT assets) required to support their processes. A related challenge is the managing of complex systems, which takes some of their attention away from the actual usage of it to derive the benefits of same.

To help you meet this challenge, IIC India offers you business applications you could use off our facilities, as a service managed by us, for the payment of a periodic fee. This enables you to shift to an OPEX (operational expense) model as opposed to a CAPEX (capital expenditure) model, enabling you to focus your attention on core business aspects.

While you may be able to depend on this service almost entirely for your business application needs, you may also choose to obtain such services to a limited extent. For instance, you may possess your own IT assets but use our services to manager you IT center.

IIC India’s team offers you flexibility in choosing the managed service option that best suits your organization’s needs.